Our Hardware Store Is Right on Target

Patten, Maine comes to Richardson’s for sporting equipment

Suffering from cabin fever? New England winters have a way of making you go stir crazy, but Richardson’s Hardware can put an end to all that. Our local hardware store carries an extensive line of sporting goods. You and your family can stock up on outdoor essentials before braving the cold. Once the warmer weather hits, enjoy camping at Katahdin Woods and Waters – we’ll provide you with high-quality tents and sleeping bags.

Call us at 207-528-2235 for more information about our inventory or to place a special order.

Tackle that fishing trip with the right gear in tow

Whether you’re traveling by land or sea, you’re bound to have an adventure in Vacationland. But don’t head off without visiting Patten’s sporting goods shop. We proudly carry:

  • Winter-wear
  • Fishing Rods
  • Camouflage-wear
  • Hiking gear
  • Backpacks and thermoses
  • Camping supplies

The Richardson’s Hardware crew will give you a proper sendoff.